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Now Godaddy pulls out of China!

March 26, 10 by Bharani

Western companies pulling their business roots out of china is becoming a hot trend these days. Just few days after Google officially pulls out of china, Godaddy follows suit and closes down its operations in china. Citing the new regulations which requires domain registrars to gather relevant document proofs such as photographs, residence proof, email address, telephone numbers and signed forms (!), godaddy stops offering “.cn” registrations.

The world’s largest registrar of internet domain names said Wednesday that it was pulling out of China in the wake of strict new laws that allegedly will increase government surveillance of web sites…

Jones [Christine Jones, general counsel for Go Daddy] said the new Chinese policies required every website owner to submit photographs, business information and individually signed forms, as well as their physical address, email address and telephone numbers.

‘We didn’t want to act as an agent of the Chinese government,’ Jones said. ‘We can’t let them be strong and us be weak all the time. We just have to stop it, and then we’ll start offering .CN domain names again.’


Is china trying to enforce the closed economy even on the internet turf? I guess so..They are not doing directly, but they are doing it through indirect means such as regulations, strict guidelines, tight web monitoring etc., For now, we will have just observe the cyber-war between the western supremacy (read US) and the new rising power China. Who is next in-line to close the operations? Dell (they are already showing some signs)?

Google Adsense serves multiple ad-networks now!

March 17, 10 by Bharani

It’s been 3 months since Google announced that it would be serving ads from third party ad networks through its own publisher network called adsense. Today, Google has rolled out the feature to all adsense accounts. Currently, Google is accepting ads only from third party adnetworks from North America and Europe. Publishers can opt-out of select adnetworks or can decide to opt-out of all adnetworks completely. I am going to test this by turning on and off adnetworks and see how this impacts my bottomline. As of now, there are 92 ad-networks certified by google adsense. Shown below are the list of 92 ad-networks.

Adchemy: Technology for Relevant Digital Advertising
Adchemy enables marketers to compose, deliver, and optimize millions of highly relevant ads from a single platform at massive scale.

Invite Media
Invite Media – Next generation platform for display media trading

Specific Media
Home – Specific Media
Specific Media provides advertisers, marketers, and agencies with multiple distribution channels to reach consumers on the Web.

Turn – The Smart Platform for Digital Advertising
Turn’s advanced platform combines predictive targeting, custom behavioral modeling, and powerful analytics to deliver exceptional performance to global agencies, publishers and premium advertisers.

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New Feature from Twitter

November 11, 09 by Bharani

Twitter is rolling out features one after the other in a very subtle manner. I like the way this particular feature was rolled out! and ofcourse, I like this feature…It was long missing…Now, you can see a snapshot of who “retweeted” your “tweets” along with your original tweet ๐Ÿ™‚

Internet Report 2009 from JP Morgan

November 03, 09 by Bharani

JPMorgan Internet Report 2009

Google Compare Ads – Hunt for best offers!

October 31, 09 by Bharani

Google launched yet another important feature today – this time in adwords – called as “Compare ads” which allows users to compare multiple offers from various advertisers and choose the best. This goes one step beyond the current structure where ads compete with one another for users attention through ad title, ad description etc., Now users can compare interest rates for mortgage loans as shown below:


This feature is currently available for mortgages only in US (in select cities). But it’s just a question of time before Google rolls this out across various industry segments and geography. All those comparison shopping engines in travel, loans, insurance, books, products will be definitely affected. The middlemen will be eventually eliminated and Google will become the central hub between sellers and consumers. The users will definitely be happy about this feature. Google is beginning to deliver more and more content from within its site. I am having a bad feeling about this trend…

What’s your take on this…?

Great Interviews with Google Folks!

October 09, 09 by Bharani

Recently Businessweek came up with a very interesting story on Google and how it is planning to stay ahead of the competition and whether it can stay on top of the web. Anyone interested in Search and Google should definitely read these articles. It throws lot of light on how google takes things seriously and why Search is still an unsolved problem and the challenges associated with Search. Worth Reading…

Can Google Stay on Top of the Web?

Interviews with Google Folks
Google’s Udi Manber: Search Is About People, Not Just Data – BusinessWeek

…Udi Manber, Google’s vice-president of technology for core search, joined the company almost four years ago after stints running Amazon.comโ€™s A9 search project and serving as chief scientist at Yahoo. He, like some other leaders on the search quality team,……

Google Search Guru Singhal: We Will Try Outlandish Ideas – BusinessWeek

…Inside Googleโ€™s search quality group, Amit Singhal runs the core ranking team, which is responsible for those algorithms you hear so much about. The team ran some 6,000 experiments last year that tried tweaking those mathematical formulas, ultimately producing between……

Matt Cutts: How Google Deals With Web Spam – BusinessWeek

…Itโ€™s up to Matt Cutts and his team at Google to keep search results as free as possible from Web spam, those pages full of Viagra ads or even malware. A 10-year veteran of the company, he got into this……

Google’s Scott Huffman: Many More Search Features Coming – BusinessWeek

…Scott Huffman runs one of the least-known units at Google: the evaluation team that measures the impact of every little proposed change to the leading search engine. And with some 6,000 experiments run annually, he’s pretty busy. Not to mention,……

Bing Visual Search Rocks!

September 15, 09 by Bharani

The Visual Search feature offered by Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine is fantabulous! I couldn’t check it out before as I was getting 404 error. But, once I changed the country setting by visiting http://www.bing.com/worldwide.aspx to United States, I was able to play around with Visual search by visiting http://www.bing.com/visualsearch. I love the way the images are presented visually. The ability to sort, re-shuffle and narrow-by is also done nicely. But one has to install microsoft Silverlight to experience the visual search. I would say it’s worth it…go try it!

Google Blunder!

September 27, 08 by Bharani

Yeah, blunder by Google! According to the adsense reports of individual publishers, google has sent out cheques with conversion rates of 1:1. In case you have earned 100$ you are supposed to be paid 4500 rupees (assuming a conversion rate of 45), but they have sent a cheque of Rs.100 (assuming a conversion rate of 1:1! Same problem across the globe in all countries!

The major pain point that every publisher faces with Google adsense is the 45 days to 60 days delay between the amount credit and amount realization. If Google takes another cycle to fix the recent conversion problem, then there will be major loss of goodwill against Google! Entire thread can be seen here


BTW, if at all Google can be beaten down in publisher network game, one of the ways is ought to be credit cycle. If some network can settle payments faster with publishers, there is a good chance to convert the existing customers!

Domain Checker!

July 11, 08 by Bharani

A useful little tool to quickly check if a domain that you have in your mind is available or not! What I like about this is the option to check out multiple domains in a single try!

Check it out…might be useful for domain hunters ๐Ÿ™‚

Domain Availability checker

Websites with Google Pagerank 10

May 13, 08 by Bharani

Was curious to check the websites that have pagerank 10…

* validator.w3.org Downgraded to PR9
* web.mit.edu
* www.adobe.com
* www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/index.html New on the list
* www.adobe.com/downloads/ New on the list
* www.adobe.com/products/index.html New on the list
* www.adobe.com/downloads/ New on the list
* www.apple.com/quicktime/download Downgraded to PR9
* www.doe.gov New on the list
* www.energy.gov
* www.google.com
* www.keio.ac.jp Downgraded to PR9
* www.mac.com Downgraded to PR9
* www.macromedia.com (redirected to adobe.com)
* www.microsoft.com Downgraded to PR9
* www.nasa.gov
* www.nsf.gov
* www.real.com
* www.usa.gov/index.shtml New on the list
* www.w3.org
* www.whitehouse.gov
* www.yahoo.com Downgraded to PR9

Both Microsoft and Yahoo have lost their Page rank of 10!