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June 25, 06 by Bharani


At ISB, we have this benefit of renting top-quality DVDs anytime, the luxury of recommending a good DVD to be purchased. In the outside world, renting DVD is a costly affair. Even if you manage to rent a DVD for 50 rupees, there are chances that the DVD is pirated and that the DVD player might get damaged.

There is this shop called “Cinema Paradiso”, India’s first licenced DVD rental shop. They have few branches in India. This is a high-end rental shop and targeted towards the affluent society. The membership fees is Rs.3000 and the cost of renting a single DVD is Rs.75 or Rs.100 depending on the movie. That is costly in Indian standards. But the shop has an awesome collection of movies, some of which you might never get in a normal shop. This is a great benefit for movie aficionados. Moreover almost all the DVD’s are collector’s edition (which will have lot of features in addition to the movie). They have also neatly classified the movies to different genres. I believe, having a membership here will soon become a symbol of status!

The special feature of the shop is the mini theatre. This is what Hindu has to say about this

“..The 11-seater is equipped with a 52-inch plasma television. With the acoustics okayed by A.R. Rahman’s sound engineers, the theatre will give you the complete theatre experience tempered with a happy cosy feel thanks to snug rugs and comfy sofas. And while you could bring in eats from the many fast food joints in and around the place, popcorn is on the house. ..”

The cost of renting the mini theatre for 11 people is Rs.1000/=. Now, that’s a nice way to celebrate an occasion for a small group!

I will wait for some more time before getting a membership. May be my firm comes up with a corporate plan…


May 28, 06 by Bharani

What I liked: The songs, The child artist Akshay Bhagwat, Moments of brilliance and twist in the movie.

What I disliked: The loongggg story line. Everyone in the theatre became restless towards the end…and at that opportune time comes a sher-o-sheri, which apparently are overloaded throughout the movie!

Worth watching half-the-movie…Which half depends on your preference!

The punchline of the movie:
“In life one comes across situations where the answer to life cannot merely be decided by choosing right or wrong, good or simply bad. Sometimes a person has to make the choice of choosing between what is Greater of two goods or the lesser of two evils…”

Try watching the following comedy clip…Too good!


May 17, 06 by Bharani

Saw the movies “Pink Panther” and “Poseidon” in the last couple of weekends. Pink Panther was quality fun and Steve Martin has done a splendid job. Poseidon, well, should have been renamed as “Upside down”! The whole concept was mentally challenging. How will it be if the environment around you is vertically inverted? The movie was non-stop action. But beyond a certain point, I started losing interest. Didn’t impress me much.

I am racing against time to complete the book “The Da Vinci Code”, so that I can watch the movie with the novel in my mind. I missed out the experience of watching a movie after reading the novel/book with “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy. Anyway, I started reading the book on monday night and am half-way through. Man, I love the mystery presented and the way it unfolds. Add to the mystery some dark concepts, Controversial revelations and the elements of the genius Da Vinci, you have a perfect recipe for a great novel…

I want to watch the movie for the experience (Movie-after-novel), the beautiful actress Audrey Tautou :) and ofcourse the oscar-studded Tom Hanks. Of course, the movie will not have any suspense for me..but that’s fine.

Eagerly waiting for the weekend to arrive…

ps: btw, “THE CANDID VOICE” (the title of the post) is an anagram of “THE DA VINCI CODE” :)


September 19, 05 by Bharani

Yesterday went for Nagesh Kukunoor’s movie “Iqbal”. Inspirational movie. It’s about a village boy, dumb and deaf, making as a bowler into Indian team. The story spins around his life, the obstacles he faces and his determination. As I went without any expectations, the movie was a pleasant surprise for me. Two songs in the film are also very good. “Aashaayen…” and “Khelenge Khelenge”…Have downloaded the songs and listening…Kapil Dev has made a guest appearance too! As Indianblogger is leaving hyderabad and heading towards his hometown Bhubaneshwar, we had a get-together. All the best B…

Well, back to ISB. Two professors are done with their sessions and two new professors have joined the bandwagon. Both of them are very good. Considering the kind of vague subjects they are teaching, they are doing excellent job. Tina Dacin, from Queen’s University, Canada, is lively person. She knows how to carry the class…

As I write, it’s exactly 1 hour left for count down timer to cross the 200 days mark!