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Resume workshop

September 20, 05 by Bharani

CAS organized a “Resume Workshop” today. A general gyaan on “Art of writing Business resume” was disseminated.

1. Recruiters expect the resume to have a strong “Managerial” flavour. Managerial functions like Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling should be emphasized. Managerial Roles like Interpersonal relationship, Information Dissemination, Decision making should be highlighted.

2. All the Job activities should be listed.

3. Make the resume Achievement oriented.

4. Collate the Job Descriptions, Competencies, and skills based on the target recruiter and job.

5. Wait for Company to broadcast the Job Role to fine tune your resume appropriately.

6. Address whatever couldn’t be addressed in Resume in the EOI (Expression of Interest). All your key personal skills, academic achievements, other minor professional achievements, your interest for the job can go here.

This is the first of CAS initiatives. The following activities are planned for next 2-3 months

1. Profiling/Career Counselling
2. Resume One-on-One Session
3. Mock Interviews/GD’s/Case Study Analysis by CAS
4. Career Seminars/Mock Interviews by Industry experts
5. Talks/Workshops by Industry Experts.

In December, Pre-placement Talks and presentations will happen. Before that, the wishlist of the students like desired companies, desired roles etc., will be collated and a final list of companies will be drawn. Based on the popularity of the company among the students, the recruitment dates for respective companies will be announced.

The Placement Committee is fully formed. Each Placement committee representative will have 11 students under him. He will serve as a bridge between the sub-group of students and Placement Committee. The Placement Committee will serve as a bridge between Entire student body and CAS.

One of the statements made by CAS officer is still resonating in my mind. “The Peer pressure during those placement days will be tremendous. Your friends who got offers would say ‘All the best’ and you will feel miserable to be still in search of job.” He also said, “The people who don’t get job initially are the ones who get 20 lacs or highest salary figures”. “Each one of you have come here with a dream, a goal. Chase it and you will achieve it. Don’t compare yourself with others.” Some people will be terribly confused after 4-5 interviews that they don’t even remember what they said to whom…This year, for the first time, 10 full days are dedicated for placements. No classes, assignments, exams during those period. It’s the period only for chasing the dream. Most of the people will be placed during that period. Whoever couldn’t secure an offer, will continue wage the battle till graduation. CAS will support them fully.

The Placements in ISB is unlike what we see in Undergraduate or IIMs. Even in IIMs, the interview process would not last for days. But here, the whole process is a long-drawn one. Some interviews span weeks. Recruiters come with a free state of mind, as they don’t have to give offers immediately (as they do in IIMs). The upside is that roles, salary, location are all negotiable.

What kind of blogger I am?

April 05, 05 by Bharani

Got this link from Ashish Blog. Based on my answers, the site says that I am a Life blogger..Very true…

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life – a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Careers – Microsoft

March 12, 05 by Bharani

I am planning to blog the career related research, for IT+MBA. I will update this as a series under the tag “Careers” .

To start with I am presenting the link for career possibilities in Microsoft-India.. Microsoft India provides five major Business paths to choose from. They are India Development center, Sales & Marketing Service Group, Global Delivery Center India, Global Technical Support center and Microsoft Research India. You can read about each business path by clicking the links.

The possible careers under each business paths can be explored here. Most prominent among the jobs are Program Manager. Other positions are like Strategic Security Advisor, Senior Engagement Manager, IT Evangelist etc.,


Sample career descriptions…

“..To be the go-to security advisor to customers in an assigned territory or location. High-level consultation on security-related issues and provision of long-term strategic guidance to C-level players in the Enterprise segment of the customer base. To act as THE voice of the customer in all strategic level security decisions from MS. To be the go-to person for technical, business, and competitive information around MS security strategy, products, and offerings and, specifically, to be able to compare and contrast MS security technology and programs and competing technology and programs…”

“..The position is a high-visibility position that will require you to constantly interact with business and technical leaders, including executives, in Microsoft’s platforms team to ensure SFU product strategy aligns with the overall strategy for the platforms groups, and Microsoft’s Unix Migration strategy overall…”

But the Management jobs available in Microsoft looks like more technical and less managerial except for very few jobs in Marketing side. The MBA skills that is earned in b-school may not come in to play in the long run..If you want to be in touch with technical side of IT, this might be a good choice. Pay packets are impressive as I hear it, but no exact information available because of confidentiality maintained among Microsoft employees. Getting into Microsoft is tougher, as one has to exhibit excellent analytical and problem solving skills, which would be gauged by puzzle solving, case cracking etc.,

How Would You Move Mount Fuji?” is a book highly recommended for Microsoft Interviews.

More later…

Career Descriptions.

December 18, 04 by Bharani

Career Descriptions.
The following webpage from www.mba.com neatly describes all the possible industry functions and career paths. It’s good to know about each and every role. Very informative. I learnt quite a few things about advertising, supply chain management, logistics, production planning, brand consulting, research, etc.,

PS: You will find a section called “MBA Career oppurtunities” in this page.

Microsoft setting up new centre..

November 25, 04 by Bharani

Microsoft is building a huge campus adjacent to Indian School of Business campus. It is planning to hire 100’s in the upcoming 12 months. Microsoft is in my target list, for POST-MBA employement. So this news is a confirmation of my intuition/dream/sense. The close proximity of ISB and Microsoft will help each other.

In last couple of months quite a few big-shots have visited India. IBM Chairman Samuel J.Palmisano, Intel chairman – Craig Barnett and now Steve Balmer,Microsoft. Looks like challenging and creative jobs are coming to India in huge numbers. Management graduates will have ample oppurtunities to harness their studies and potential through these companies. If the current trend continues, then my decision to pursue MBA in India will be justified. Time will answer.

Microsoft to recruit more staff in India

PS: I read this article from Hindu today. In this article, V.K.Menon, Director of Admissions, Indian School of business, talks about the growing number of B-schoolers and how ISB is positioned to serve them and how ISB is established in “experienced peer group” community.