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2007: The Year that was!

January 01, 08 by Bharani

Well, it feels like a short while ago when I re-capped 2006, but another year has passed in a jiffy…

Highs: (In chronological order)
– Starting a new job (Senior Product Manager @ ibibo Web Pvt Ltd) at new location (Gurgaon). First taste of internet industry.
– Being part of the core team that launched (DWAAR), India-focussed search engine.
– Getting Married. Varalakshmi is an extremely understanding and very caring wife. Lucky to have her as a life-partner…
– Learning Driving and getting my licence!!
– Buying my first car. Hyundai Santro Xing (Space Silver).
– Visiting Maldives (Heavenly place in earth).
– Visiting Taj Mahal with my wife. Being an Indian, too late to visit the Indian wonder that is part of the seven wonders. What a structure! What a symbol!
– Visiting quite a few religious places (Shirdi, Mathura, Gokul, Sripuram, Sholingur, Tirupati, Akshardham).
– Taking the entrepreneurial plunge & forming my own company called Antya Web Private Limited. Sunny Saurabh is my partner in this journey.
– Getting the seed funding for Antya. The seed fund has given us more confidence to continue the journey than anything else.
– Launching our own product, Antya. A site to find or discover websites across various topics.
– Featuring in Statesman Delhi for Antya- A full page article comprising 2400 words!
– Featuring in Indian Express, Technology edition for Antya.
– Interviewed for “Tech 4 U” section in Hindustan Times.
– Rise of the Antya in Alexa. Currently it is ranked 1764 in India. When launched the rank was 16905. It took just 20 days to reach under 2000! Antya is improving well in US too. Promising start for a long journey ahead.
– Getting my hands on Apple iMac Desktop (20″) loaded with Mac OS X Leopard edition. Interacting with Apple Mac is a Larger-than-life experience!
– Getting to know Bruno, a Labrodar, an extremely loveable and intelligent pet of my friend sunny. It’s amazing to see how fast he has grown from a small pup in May to a big boy now. Wonder how big he will be in another year 🙂

– Death of a close cousin. She died of cancer.

Overall, Year 2007 has been pretty eventful for me. Year 2008 is a critical year for me in many aspects. Entering 2008 with loads of hope, courage, confidence, dreams and determination.

A quote to remember for me this year:
“…It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change…” – Charles Darwin

Bloggers @ MIH!

March 07, 07 by Bharani

Recently, I got to know a few bloggers within my firm. It’s refreshing to see different type of bloggers around like Entrepreneur, Blogging and community platform product managers, A photo blogger who is a hardcore web graphics designer….Of these 4, 3 have their own registered domain names! Though Karthik does not have his own domain name, he has been blogging for almost 5 years now…

Ruban Phakan [Tidal Brainwave]
Shashwat [I am imified!]
Rahul Razdan [Swadeshe]
Karthik Kannan

There is a common thread among all these 4 people…they are extremely passionate about what they do!

Tech Analysis by a Strategy Consultant.

September 04, 06 by Bharani


This is another Business-Technology-Entrepreneurship blog that I found today. The blog is maintained by Sramana Mitra, an Entrepreneur and Strategy consultant since 1994. She blends her rich experience with happening tech trends and offers solid content for readers.

She has been writing for 20 years! The lady seems to have great photographic skills too….And yeah, she is a good friend of Om Malik, the person behind the blog Gigaom

Yet another entry to my Technology Blogroll…

BlogCamp – A Blog UnConference!

September 02, 06 by Bharani

BlogCamp India

Few days back, while I was watching the CNN-IBN’s program called “Chennai Chutney”, I came to know about BlogCamp. My eyes and ears were fixated on the Television! Blogcamp is a very nice concept to bring passionate bloggers together and to facilitate sharing of stories, experiences, techniques, trends and innovation related to blogging.

I am very eager to join and meet some of the prominent bloggers…but the work schedule for next few weeks and the unexpected 10-days-sick-leave that I just spent has depleted my freedom for sometime…

Some of the topics lined-up are mouth-watering. I hope they will update the website with summaries of these topics. The website also provides a brief description of the bloggers. The list facilitates one to identify blogs pertaining to one’s taste.

Wishing good luck for the event…I will follow the event through the live feed: Thanks to the Pod-casting and Videocasting team!

BlogDay – August 31st!

August 31, 06 by Bharani

Learnt from Kiruba’s blog that it is BlogDay today. One is supposed to write about 5 blogs that he/she likes. I am going to make some leeway here..by writing about 7 blogs! Here goes my list…

Vasanth Dharmaraj’s Blog:
A Techno-freak, I can say. He loves technology more than anybody else in this lot. He will be one of the first-time purchasers for electronic gadgets (Innovators in MBA parlance). He writes about his passion like programming, gadgets, F1, X-box and much more. The longest existing blog in this lot and probably the only one who has his own domain name for very long time.

Ramki’s Blog:
Ramki is a Hard-core techie with years of experience in Telecom related software and hardware. He writes about Technology, Web 2.0, Sports (Football and cricket) and movies. Lot of potential. [Management graduate from ISB]

Ramkumar’s Blog:
A trained Mirudangam artist who weaves magic with his 10 fingers. He is from Chip design background and he writes about carnatic music (The most comprehensive in carnatic music arguably) and his life. Do check out his diary about ISB life. [Management graduate from ISB]

Girish Krishnan’s Blog:
A typical software professional with MBA. My flatmate. He writes about Technology, Web 2.0, MBA nuggets and watch out for his occasional well-researched articles. Humorous blog in this lot…[Management graduate from ISB]

Vijay Mulbagal’s Blog:
The most experienced person in this list. A banker by profession in the past and management consultant now. Avid reader. He writes about MBA, Career [Consulting], books etc., Has very good command over language. [Management graduate from ISB]

IndianBlogger’ Blog:
The second oldest blog in this lot. Currently pursuing his MBA in Queen’s university, Canada. He writes about his MBA life @ queen’s university. Great information gatherer. Very informative blog and focusses mostly on business related news and posts. Very under-rated blog…Deserves more visibility.

Bipin Nambiar’s Blog:
My ex-employer’s blog. An Entrepreneur by heart and by life. He shares his wisdom through his space. He also shares his experiences in Europe.

There seems a significant focus on Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship in the above list!

Top 100!

August 28, 06 by Bharani

BlogStreet Top 100

My old blog “Way2top.blogsome.com” was ranked 57th in BlogStreet India (among 4101 blogs). My ISB colleague Vijay’s blog was ranked 62nd and ISB Colloborative blog was ranked 64th. Good to see ISB blogs in top list 🙂

BlogStreet Top 100
The cached link

Blogger Jobs

August 26, 06 by Bharani

Ramkumar, recently published a very imaginative post describing the life of his friends 20 years from now. He associated me with Blog Jobs!!! Well, I don’t know about that…But, that inspired me to search for such things in the internet. Bloggerjobs.biz seems to be already bridging the gap between opportunities and needs in blogging world! Take a peek…

Blog Republic is willing to pay $5 per post for qualified writers on select subjects.

The majority of business blogging jobs revolves around Marketing Communications, PR, Advertising etc.,

Update: More Blogger Jobs.
The Problogger Job board