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Some observations…

November 08, 06 by Bharani

It’s been just 6 months into the job and I am already excited and frustrated about the same! The kind of work we do is pretty interesting. But at the same time, the environment is not that conducive. Overcoming the traction in realizing a potential idea is definitely a challenge. But. the challenge can be deemed fair only if you were also given necessary powers or influence to fight. I guess, that’s the challenge of championing a concept, especially internally within the organization.

In the end, It would be only fair to say that I have learned a lot, whether it is “how to do” or “how not to do”…and it’s been a learning experience.

During this effort, I made some observations. Few of which are mentioned below. The following points are “Team” related.

1. A research effort should always have best resources or atleast experienced resources. If the time-to-release is a constraint, it becomes even more important to have good resources.

2. Give ample independence to your subordinates (developers or analysts). Micro-management is harmful to both the manager and to the one who is micro-managed.

3. The problem of expectations mis-match is by far the fundamental reason for disharmony. Don’t expect everyone to work at your same level. Have reasonable benchmarks and expectations. Provide more than one opportunity to prove and recover.

4. Every function should be equally respected. There should not be any pre-conceived notions about any roles.

5. A positive work environment should be fostered. Ultimately, the recognition, a positive work environment, and the pride in the work are important. Recognize the good work wherever and whenever it is due. A open environment where everyone can freely express their thoughts or concerns goes a long way in building the team spirit. People should get up every day and eagerly look forward to reach the workplace…If that enthusiasm is infused, then success automatically follows.

6. Feedback should be provided on a regular basis. Don’t provide surprise feedbacks at the end of the year.

7. A friendly and mentoring superior is always welcomed than a bossy superior!

8. It’s important to have high benchmarks in terms of quality of work. Ideas of how to improve the process, how to improve the quality should always be generated. It becomes even more beneficial if the exercise is done by the whole team, not just by the manager.

9. It’s vital to work with every one in the team to chart a personal development plan. The plan should fulfill the aspirations and goals of the individual and suit the project and organizational goals as well.

10. Fun at work place should not be seen as a sign of irresponsibility and immaturity! It infact should be seen as an enabler for a productive work-environment.

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