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Few actions in a Start-up

February 11, 07 by Bharani

There is no dearth of action at the place I work. Being in the start-up mode, I am witnessing few aspects of Business. Some of which are:

1. Relationship with External IT vendors. This begins right from the due diligence in vendor selection, Negotiation with Vendors, Authoring and managing SOWs and spans to Tracking of deliverables and resolving on-going issues. By the time I joined, the vendor selection and negotiation phase was completed. But I gathered some knowledge on that later through my colleagues. There are two aspects of IT: Software and Hardware. I will mention about Hardware separately.

2. Hiring. Attracting top-notch talent is not an easy proposition, especially when you are in the start-up mode. Till now, most of the talent has been acquired through referrals. Interview process and selection criteria ensures that only good talent comes through. Coupled with the lack of established brand name, the all-time high salaries and a bullish market make the talent acquisition a costly affair. Only recently our company has placed an advertisement in the newspaper. The response to the ad has been impressive. Right now, many of us are busy in interviewing candidates for various positions.

3. Business Development. The Business development team has a difficult job of identifying right partners, forming alliances, negotiating right prices. They also should formulate right strategies to tackle the business challenges. Many a times, the strategies doesn’t work and the team has to regroup and identify new strategies.

4. Managing Products: There are various product teams working on different ideas. The team comes up with product requirement documents, UI mock-ups and detailed Product specifications. The team also conducts competitor analysis to see how the competitor products perform in the market place and comes up with new ideas to overcome the competition. The Product team will have Product managers, web designers and Graphic designers and few developers.

5. Engineering: Being creative is easy, when you take into account the task of Engineering! They are the one who give a shape to the ideas. The perform tasks such as Feasibility study, Architecture and design, development, testing, internal tool development, statging, deployment and managing operations post launch.

6. Hardware: The Infrastructure team ensures that the unsatiable hardware requirements of all Product teams are satisfied at the right time with right equipment. They manage all the network, hardware, data centers and key operations.

There are many more teams that do the job behind the scenes, such as Legal, Mergers & Acquisitions, Finance, HR and Admin. The Marketing and Sales team will be shortly formed.

I am seeing that my organization is growing day-by-day. Managing growth is a very key factor for success. If not properly managed, Growth can easily bring organizational inefficiencies and integration problems between various teams and products. We are wary of that fact…

As of now, we are still in the start-up environment…and two statements that you can hear from everyone are…”I haven’t slept” and “My bandwidth is clogged”. But there is a sense of excitement, urgency and pride in everyone. Addressing the unsatisfied needs of customers is always a satisfying effort ๐Ÿ™‚

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