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Compete with God for a job?

August 28, 06 by Bharani

There is a yahoo groups for all ISB alums to share MBA and business related job postings. Some of the job offers that are communicated in the forum are so attractive that it makes your tongue salivate involuntarily. Anyway, I will reserve the post about some interesting job offers for later…

While I was browsing through the messages, I ran into a small one-man firm called HRNext, started by a person called Anurag Shrivastava. He has served in senior HR positions at various companies. He has placed advertisements for management and non-management positions in his website. Take a look…You just might find something to your taste! The man seems to be well-networked…and his vision is simple and neat..

An advertisement for Product manager position read like this..”If gods ever descended to the earth, they would have to compete for this..”! Now how many ads begin like that? I kind of liked the beginning…It makes one take notice…So I read the job description completely..

Generally, Product Manager roles @ companies like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP etc. are considered as good positions for MBA graduates with technology inclination. But the job description makes it sound so technical that some MBAs might just turn away… Just have some patience and read the next job posting in the same page…”Business Product manager”. The description of that job is quite attractive. It gives the B-school grads a sense of fulfillment! Very polished and filled with lot of jargons and covers virtually all the subjects that one has studied during the program. In my opinion, both jobs are quite similar in profiles…It’s just the way the job is projected that is different…

What does a Product manager do?
Develop compelling products while working with a world class engineering team and the business sense to drive local product goals and strategies. Understand product needs , develop product specs , document specs , develop engineering plans to launch/ship , develop technical implementation plans with engineering, incorporate customer feedback into final shipped product and longer term goals and strategies for the product line.

What does a Business Product manager do?
As Business Product Manager, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution for serving access providers, device manufacturers, and other distribution partners in India. This is a leadership role that combines entrepreneurship, strategy formulation, product management, solutions engineering, and project management.You will identify key market trends that are shaping users’ ability to access provisioned services, and work with sales and engineering teams, as well as external partners, to develop partner-focused products and solutions. You will also manage a cross-functional team of engineering, marketing, sales, legal, finance and support functions to launch these products and solutions successfully into the marketplace. In addition, you will interact with strategic partners and be required to understand their business objectives, and present product and business strategy to senior executives at these organizations.

Since I am assuming the role of Product Manager currently, I can correlate with lot of things that are being said here. The stakes are different at different firms. A Product manager role @ Google does not necessarily put you in high stakes situation. A Product manager in a start-up firm does not necessarily mean low stakes. A lot depends on the technology one works for (What is the business potential? What is the ‘ecology’ for the ‘technology’? Who are your customers? Who are your partners? Break-through technology or plain-vanilla-remorphed-into-strawberry technology?). Also, Product manager cannot escape/insulate-himself from technicalities in the job…Just be little careful with what is being said, keep aside the hype surrounding the message and analyse calmly…Then take a decision…For people with inclination towards technology and business, Product management positions are very good…But understanding the job requirements completely is equally important.

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