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September 17, 06 by Bharani

I acquired this last week, largeley due to my impulse. I had no idea about the existence of this stuff before. The 4 line summary at the beginning was all that I needed…

Q&A,is a novel by Vikas Swarup. This novel is about an eighteen-year old orphan, nomadic boy (Ram Mohammad Thomas) who wins the highest sum ever in the history of Television Quiz shows. 100 crores! Thomas thinks that it is a pure luck that he could win this show. The producers think otherwise and they are hell-bent in proving Thomas a Cheat! The plot revolves around his life told as as a series of narrations. The way the story is creatively narrated will definitely surprise you…It is a definite page-turner.

Film four, a UK-based film producers have secured the rights to transform this novel in to film. Vikas Swarup has recommended Sharukh-khan for the protagonist’s role!

The novel has sarcasm, tragedy, suspense, poverty, happiness and all possible elements. Though I have to warn about the elements of grown-up stuff(I am not quoting any words to avoid my blog turning up for such words in Google search :)) that are intertwined into the story…I also had this occasional feeling that Vikas swarup has picked up ideas from various indian movies and novels and created this mash-up…Nevertheless, this can definitely keep you occupied during those few hours of travel…

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