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BlogDay – August 31st!

August 31, 06 by Bharani

Learnt from Kiruba’s blog that it is BlogDay today. One is supposed to write about 5 blogs that he/she likes. I am going to make some leeway here..by writing about 7 blogs! Here goes my list…

Vasanth Dharmaraj’s Blog:
A Techno-freak, I can say. He loves technology more than anybody else in this lot. He will be one of the first-time purchasers for electronic gadgets (Innovators in MBA parlance). He writes about his passion like programming, gadgets, F1, X-box and much more. The longest existing blog in this lot and probably the only one who has his own domain name for very long time.

Ramki’s Blog:
Ramki is a Hard-core techie with years of experience in Telecom related software and hardware. He writes about Technology, Web 2.0, Sports (Football and cricket) and movies. Lot of potential. [Management graduate from ISB]

Ramkumar’s Blog:
A trained Mirudangam artist who weaves magic with his 10 fingers. He is from Chip design background and he writes about carnatic music (The most comprehensive in carnatic music arguably) and his life. Do check out his diary about ISB life. [Management graduate from ISB]

Girish Krishnan’s Blog:
A typical software professional with MBA. My flatmate. He writes about Technology, Web 2.0, MBA nuggets and watch out for his occasional well-researched articles. Humorous blog in this lot…[Management graduate from ISB]

Vijay Mulbagal’s Blog:
The most experienced person in this list. A banker by profession in the past and management consultant now. Avid reader. He writes about MBA, Career [Consulting], books etc., Has very good command over language. [Management graduate from ISB]

IndianBlogger’ Blog:
The second oldest blog in this lot. Currently pursuing his MBA in Queen’s university, Canada. He writes about his MBA life @ queen’s university. Great information gatherer. Very informative blog and focusses mostly on business related news and posts. Very under-rated blog…Deserves more visibility.

Bipin Nambiar’s Blog:
My ex-employer’s blog. An Entrepreneur by heart and by life. He shares his wisdom through his space. He also shares his experiences in Europe.

There seems a significant focus on Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship in the above list!

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